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posh media is more than a full-service bilingual marketing firm. It is a meeting place of strategy, design and experiences. We build growth strategies for established businesses and emerging brands to help them win in a digital world.

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In a world full of noise, we help brands find their North Star. We want to set your direction, invent your presence and realize your potential.
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Whether you're established or emerging, posh will take your brand to the next level and get you noticed.

Tailor-made strategies, tools and messages based on your goals. Land your brand in the right place at the right time, with the right people.

Say more with less. Building a recognizable brand identity for your business is one way to skyrocket your growth - let us make you memorable.

We create custom website solutions and designs with user experience and functionality in mind. All of our websites are built to meet client-specific web needs and objectives.

The Internet is full of content-hungry users looking for entertainment, shopping, education and more. We'll ensure they find your business before your competitors.

Social media seems easy - until it's not. Let us help you take control of your brand's social media presence and grow your community.

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Posh Media Partners with Village Fox Creek

posh media proudly announces its strategic partnership with Village Fox Creek, a visionary community blending Dieppe's heritage with modern luxury. This collaboration marks a transformative moment as posh media takes the lead in shaping Village Fox Creek's identity and digital presence.

Village Fox Creek is a masterfully designed community that seamlessly integrates city-like amenities within ecologically preserved landscapes. The leadership of Village Fox Creek compromises well-established and esteemed businesses in the region, coming together through the fusion of Thrive Properties and the LeBlanc family from the Fox Creek Golf Course.

The partnership between posh media and Village Fox Creek signifies a shared commitment to visionary living, community engagement, and digital excellence. As posh media brings its expertise to blend tradition with innovation, residents can anticipate a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates physical and digital experiences, setting a new standard in community living.

The Triple Crown: Ottawa Awards Edition

Faces Magazine's esteemed awards are back, honouring the exceptional individuals and organizations that elevate our city to world-class status. And guess what? posh media has triumphed as the 2023 "Marketing Agency of the Year" and "Advertising Agency of the Year"! We're absolutely thrilled to see our unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence recognized by our incredible community.

But that's not all! We're ecstatic to share that our CEO and Founder, Monica Boudreau, has been crowned Ottawa's 2023 "Marketing Professional of the Year." 

Our journey has led us to collaborate with numerous Ottawa-based clients spanning diverse industries, some even securing the prestigious people's-choice award. We take immense pride in being part of this phenomenal community that unites in support of local businesses. To all the remarkable businesses and leaders acknowledged at the Faces Magazine awards, you truly rock! Your unwavering passion and contributions illuminate our city.

Let's make this year an extraordinary chapter filled with remarkable accomplishments and boundless success. Buckle up because we're heading towards a future brimming with poshtastic moments that will leave you exhilarated!

St. Laurent + posh media = #SoPerfectTogether

We'll be the first to admit that we spent a lot of time hanging out at the mall growing up, and it looks like history repeats itself because we are delighted to welcome St. Laurent to our posh community!

In late 2022, we started our partnership with Ottawa’s most convenient shopping destination with 180+ stores, services and more. St. Laurent brought on our posh team to help develop and implement a robust social media strategy. This strategy involved:

  • Creating original digital content
  • Developing content in partnership with St. Laurent’s brand ambassador, Melissa Lamb 
  • Running and developing paid ad campaigns
  • Increasing social engagement
  • Attracting foot traffic over the holiday season

Our collaboration aims to elevate your shopping experience and create lasting connections within our vibrant Ottawa community.