Usva Spa

Client intro

Usva creates an immersive experience where every sensation is heightened, guiding visitors to reconnect with the essence of being at a gradual pace. Through a nordic thermal experience, Usva invites people to rediscover the beauty of simplicity, the rhythm of their own being, and the transformative power of presence.

Brand Development
Social Media Strategy
Influencer Partnership
The challenge

Usva sought posh’s expertise to elevate its digital presence and engage with its audience more effectively. We were tasked with refining their digital brand identity, ensuring it captured the essence of the brand’s serene and immersive experience.

The Solution

We meticulously refined Usva’s digital brand identity to encapsulate the serene and immersive experience the brand offers, developing a cohesive visual and verbal language reflecting simplicity, presence, and self-discovery. posh was entrusted with on-location content creation and curation, tasked with authentically capturing Usva's unique atmosphere through organic photography and videography. These visuals authentically represent the transformative journey awaiting visitors. Our ongoing social media management strategy focuses on maintaining an engaging presence across platforms, with curated content reflecting Usva’s essence, client testimonials, wellness tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. By fostering a vibrant online community and regularly updating content, we drive brand visibility, engagement, and traffic to Usva’s website, nurturing a loyal clientele.

Client testimonial

Amazing company to work with!!! Highly recommend!

Geneviève Nolet, Founder & CEO of Usva Spa
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