We want Canadian talent that challenges the norm and acts on big ideas.

The power of collaboration
We choose collaboration over competition because our clients’ journey is not about us - it’s about them.

As a collective, we aim to be go-getters who provide clients with top-shelf results.

Our mission at posh media is to help build and redefine businesses by creating unique, bespoke teams for each project. Teams are brought together based on expertise, scope of work, timelines and industry knowledge. Our sharp and innovative nature as a group is what allows us to deliver success.

Posh perks

Work from wherever you are

Flexible working schedule and hours

Creatively collaborate with other industry experts and leaders

Freedom to choose projects based on your availability and knowledge base

Learn new skills and strengths with a varied number of client needs

Diversify your portfolio with our unique mix of clients and their industries

We go beyond traditional ways of working and bring next-level results to the table.
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