Gemme Moi

Client intro

Designed with love for young hearts and curious minds, Gemme Moi is here to empower, uplift and nurture the next generation.

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The challenge

In the heart of Ottawa, a passionate mother embarked on a heartfelt mission. She saw a real need for daily affirmation cards in French, not just for her own 8-year-old daughter but for all the kids in our community. She noticed there was a glaring gap in the market and decided to step up and fill it herself. Her vision was crystal clear: craft a series of daily affirmation cards tailor-made for elementary school-aged children.

The Solution

Our team joined forces with the client and worked hand in hand, making sure every aspect of her dream project bloomed into reality. Together, we curated a one-of-a-kind collection of francophone affirmation products where little speaks of positivity ignite big dreams. The client wanted to infuse her daughter's love for collecting gems into the creative journey. Hence, the project's name and identity were born, making it truly special and personal. It wasn't just a random choice; it was like putting together puzzle pieces. "Gem" came from the daughter's gem collection, and "Moi" means "Me" in French. To top it off, when you say it in French, it also sounds like "J'aime Moi," which translates to "I love myself." See what we did there? It was all about reinforcing that positive affirmation theme. Each card was a labour of love, designed to resonate with young ones everywhere.

Client testimonial

I was recommended posh media to create and launch my new business. Monica and her team were a dream to work with! The level of detail, communication and innovative thinking is outstanding! I loved every minute of working with them. I felt taken care of, throughout the entire process. I'm so happy and I would highly recommend posh media to anyone!

Brigitte Tessier, Owner of Gemme Moi
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