Village Fox Creek

Client intro

In the heart of Dieppe, Village Fox Creek is not just a community but a rare haven, embodying the essence of being masterfully crafted and offering a blend of city-like amenities amidst natural green space.

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The challenge

In 2022, the vision for Village Fox Creek evolved into a dynamic reality, but it needed to build its physical and digital presence. Brimming with potential and vision, this growing community recognized the importance of building strong foundations. Physically, it sought to weave itself seamlessly into the fabric of Fox Creek, creating a tangible space where residents could connect with nature and each other. Simultaneously, in the digital sphere, Village Fox Creek aspired to carve out a virtual identity mirroring its commitment to modernity and community engagement.

The Solution

Starting from the earth up, the posh team aimed to find a name for a community rooted in its community-centric origins. Enter Village Fox Creek, adorned with a logo that ingeniously merges classic simplicity, shaping basic forms into a dynamic fox icon. Engineered for enduring appeal, this logo assures longevity and unlocks diverse branding opportunities — immaculate, readable, and distinctly Village Fox Creek. Acknowledging the pivotal role of digital engagement in sustained success, we prioritized the creation of a custom-built, responsive website that would act as a digital hub, inviting a new wave of residents to join the thriving community.

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